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Paul Krugman's website (old website: MIT)

Krugman on Krugman: "I have written or edited 18 books (I think) and several hundred articles. Most of these are about international trade (I helped found the so-called "new trade theory", which is about the consequences of increasing returns and imperfect competition for international trade) and international finance, and are pretty well incomprehensible to laymen. However, since I wrote The Age of Diminished Expectations in 1989, I have increasingly tried to communicate with non-economists through op-eds, magazine articles, and so on. It turns out that people have a hard time tracking all of this stuff down; hence this page. It contains, among other things, links to my two former monthly columns: "No free lunch" in Fortune, and "The dismal science" in the cyberspace magazine Slate. (Slate is free - I highly recommend it). As mentioned above, you can read my New York Times column either on paper or online."