Department of Economics


Harris Dellas

Statistics, Data sources

The American Economic Association

This site contains (among others): lists of contents and abstracts for all three AEA journals (i.e., the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Literature, and the Journal of Economic Perspectives); links to about 500 English-language economics journals; resources for economists (RFE) on the internet (originated by Bill Goffe), containing links to websites for: economic data; economists' and economics department home pages; mailing lists; economics working papers; conferences; economics organizations, etc.

Conference Board: Global business cycle indicators

This free site contains information on the business cycle indicators published by the conference board.

Economicsearch has links to many different data sources and other information about economics, particularly macroeconomics.

Economics Time Series Page

This free site contains a wide variety of data series as well as links to other sites including the Federal Reserve Banks.

European Macro Data, compilated by Manfred Gärtner

A compilation of currently 19 macroeconomic time series for each of 19 countries. The menu you may make your selection from comes in the form of a matrix with checkboxes. This site is an integrated part of A Primer in European Macroeconomics, by Manfred Gärtner, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.


This is a fantastic site that is produced by the chief economist for Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. It contains a wealth of information on the US economy and many foreign economies. There are some excellent charts. Many of them can only be accessed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free.

Federal Reserve Board

An obvious source for monetary data as well as data on industrial production. In addition it contains other information on the conduct of monetary policy and research done at the Federal Reserve Board.


FEDSTATS is an overall guide to Federal Statistics of all kinds.


This free site contains data resources and links to other financial economics sites.

FRED data base

This free site maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis contains a large data base of monetary and other data.

National Bureau of Economic Research

This free site contains the Penn World Tables, the most comprehensive cross-country data on economic growth. It also contains many historical macroeconomic series for the US economy.

NIPA Visualization Page

This free site presents information from the US national Income and Product Accounts in graphical form.


From the network of the University of Berne you have free access to the books, periodicals, and the statistics of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

PACIFIC Exchange Rate Series

The Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility In Commerce (PACIFIC) Exchange Rate Service provides access to current and historic daily exchange rates through an on-line database retrieval and plotting system.

Swiss National Bank

This site contains links to (among others): the Statistical Monthly Bulletin (which contains graphs and tables on important Swiss and international economic data in German and French) and the Balance of Payments (which summarises Switzerland's economic transactions with foreign countries; starting with the 2nd quarter of 1999, the quarterly data of the balance of payments is published on the SNB's Internet site approximately three months after the end of each quarter).


This is a pay site run by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that contains the national income and product accounts as well as a great quantity of other data.

World Bank

A variety of information on developing countries. See, for instance, the IMF annual report.